Wednesday, June 30, 2010

tossed upon stormy seas

I signed up for an island sightseeing-snorkeling tour thing while I was in Krabi. It's the low season, which means it's the stormy season, and if the weather was rough then the tour would have to be rescheduled. Luckily, it didn't rain that morning but the sea was wild. The first leg of the trip was to Bamboo Island, and normally takes about 45 minutes. On the choppy water it took us an hour of constant jolts as the front of the boat slammed back into the water after cresting each wave.

And you remember the story of Barf-o-rama, so I won't relate it here. I was not involved.

We made it to Bamboo Island alive!


This is the Viking Cave, so named because it has paintings inside of viking ships. It is closed to the public. :-(

And this is me on a boat!

Then we visited the lagoon on Phi Phi Lei.


And THEN I went to Phi Phi Don!


And there was snorkeling too, but that is a most tragical story which I will relate to you tomorrow.

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