Monday, June 21, 2010

Giddyup or whoa

After confirming that I'm well enough to hula-hoop, I left Ban Phe. Incidentally, I have things to write about.

First, the southern bus terminal in Bangkok is amazing! It's three floors of shopping, little karaoke rooms, and at least two Mister Donuts, of whose "Pon de Ring" my Dunkin' Donuts mochi ring is a pale imitation.

I bought one.


It was fantastic. And I don't like the frosted mochi rings, because they're really sweet, but this was the best donut I've ever had in my life. In a bus station. In Bangkok.

And because I'm classist, and don't like sleeping next to "aisle people," and also like reclining seats, I bought a ticket on the 24-seat VIP bus to Krabi, on the Andaman sea in southern Thailand. Only three seats across, and I didn't have to miss the World Cup game (I don't even know who was playing.)


And after a night on the most deluxe of deluxe buses in Thailand, I think I'm going to schedule my overnight travel on trains whenever possible. I just can't sleep in a recliner, as plush as it was. The service was excellent though, so I can recommend VIP for day travel. I got a pastry in a keepsake gift box!


And vegetable juice, and shrimp-flavored peanuts, AND water. And I woke up too early in the morning in Krabi and took a long-tail boat to Railay.

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