Monday, June 14, 2010

Just a little pin prick

Sometimes I don't write about things, in case I die. Like in January I got in a little motorbike accident, and I wanted to wait until I was absolutely sure that my foot wasn't going to fall off from gangrene before I wrote about it. And then when it finally healed it wasn't relevant so I didn't mention it until today. I did get a scar out of it, which is cool.

Well last week I visited the doctor for a regular annual exam and the doctor discovered that I had something that shouldn't be next to my uterus. It was about a 7cm round mass, as seen in this webcam picture of an ultrasound printout:

The little white arrow points to the mass, and the black blob above and to the right of it is my bladder.

We scheduled laparoscopic surgery for Tuesday the 8th to remove my Mysterious Mass.

This is my room at Bangkok Rayong Hospital. It's super fancy, and it's just a standard room. Actually about the same cost per night as a Super 8 in the States, and it includes food and sponge baths.

hospital 001

The surgery went well, and the mass turned out to be a dermoid cyst, which is pretty awesome. It was mostly full of *hair* but there was a *tooth* in it too. Not only did I get to take home a souvenir DVD of the surgery, but I also have a little piece of the cyst in formaldehyde. With some hair. Autumn is very grossed out by my little friend, but I find the DVD more disturbing (watching huge masses of hair being pulled out of my belly button...) I go back for a follow-up on Tuesday, and I may share the video if you're not completely disgusted by the prospect.

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  1. I read up on these things because I wanted to know more about such a thing growing hair and a molar (eww). You must have had that thing since birth (as I'm sure you are well aware of)? Crazy!