Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just one of those days

Sukhothai is the old capital of Thailand, before Ayutthaya, which was before Bangkok. I wanted to visit some old temples, so I took a bus from Chiang Mai.

I had trouble sleeping my first night in Sukhothai. Somehow I've managed to get more mosquito bites in the last couple of days than I've had since I came here. And prickly heat--on my arms! I've had prickly heat twice before, but both times it was on a (sun or exhaust pipe) burn. This time, it's just my arms! And it's disgusting!

And I woke up really early so that I could be at the gate to Sukhothai Historical Park right when it opened at 6:30. And I was, cranky as all hell. Here's a bunch of pictures:






Smile for posterity--not because I feel it.




I was hungry, itchy, sweaty, hot and prickly heated. I visited all of the temples inside the city walls, and a few to the north. And then I slipped and fell in the mud. After that, I thought it best to retire my cranky ass to my guesthouse.

I showered, ate (oh, yeah! I always forget how important eating is until I'm having a crap day!) changed out of my muddy clothes and ventured to the museum on the park grounds to have another go at the day. I'll show you how it turned out tomorrow.

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