Friday, June 4, 2010

butterflies and zebras

Sun mentioned that there were pandas at the Chiang Mai Zoo, so with one day in the city I decided to visit. I had good timing, too; May 27th was baby Lin Ping's birthday, and I came on the 28th.


Lin Ping was running around being adorable. She is not particularly graceful, but this just adds to her cuteness. There was a large table and chairs set up in her habitat (remnants of yesterday's birthday party) and she managed to get her head stuck in one of the chairs.


She started whining, and her mother tried to help by grabbing the scruff of her neck and attempting to pull her *through* the chair, which was not going to happen. The zoo staff frantically walkie-talkied one another. When she dislodged herself, we all cheered. Then some men came and took away all of the chairs. See, Lin Ping? This is why you can't have nice things!

Here is a video of Lin Ping and her mother being cute before she lost her chair privileges.

There are other animals at the zoo too.




Lin Ping isn't even the only adorable cuddly-looking baby at the zoo, but koalas sleep too much to get stuck and scare the zoo staff.

The first spirit house I ever saw was at Point Defiance zoo in Tacoma, Washington, where the elephants live in pretend-Thailand. This is the Chiang Mai Zoo spirit house complex.


(Do you like that there's not a picture of a butterfly or a zebra? I saw them both, I swear!)

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