Wednesday, June 9, 2010

it's a sunny day

When we left off, I had had a crap morning in Sukhothai involving little sleep, ample insect bites, prickly heat and slipping in the mud! I decided to start over (having already visited the temples inside the walls,) and went to the museum. The museum was cooler, and even had a fan here and there. And I met a guide named At at the museum who interpreted things and then I hopped on the back of his motorbike and had another go at the day, visiting the temples outside of the city wall. This second attempt was much better than the first.

This is a ditch between the huge old city walls.

There are three walls, and the openings are staggered just like that cartoon documentary about the castle that I watched a hundred times in elementary school (and never tired of it.)

And now that I'm in the mood to appreciate life again, hail the low season! Praise empty guesthouses, cheap rooms, and being the *only* person (save At) at every temple I visited all day, including the part of the day where I was cranky and horrible and not in the mood to praise anything.






This is a much longer, steeper climb than it looks. Trust me.



The tone of the pictures is no different, but I assure you I was a much happier person!

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