Thursday, July 8, 2010

two of us riding nowhere

Autumn and I traveled to Cambodia together on June 30 (my blog is far behind--when this entry posts I will be in Indonesia.) It was great.

We took a minibus to the border at Aranyaprathet, and switched to a big bus on the Cambodian side.

Cambodia With Autumn 009

It was raining in Cambodia.

Cambodia With Autumn 017

We arrived in Siem Reap, Cambodia in the evening and after checking into our guesthouse we went down to the wonderful night market where we got out first doses of "Laydee! You buy...?" (this chorus would haunt us for the rest of the trip.) We bought silk scarves with which to style ourselves the following day.

Our third mode of transportation is the Cambodian tuk-tuk, which differs from a Thai or Lao tuk-tuk because it is a removable carriage hitched to the back of a motorbike. Very colonial.



Our fourth mode of transportation on the way to Angkor Wat was not a decorated pony. Autumn made friends with it:


I did not make friends with the pony.


But that is my collapsible hula hoop on my shoulder! At Angkor Wat!



When I visited with Elle and Jamie in October, the central tower was closed for renovation, but this time it wasn't.


We admired the view, and then hula hooped in the courtyard.

Cambodia With Autumn 043

Cambodia With Autumn 036

Since there are so many pictures, I will continue with the rest of our first day (Angkor Thom including the Bayon, and Ta Prohm!) tomorrow.

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