Monday, July 26, 2010

the best of my love

You probably won't visit Ban Phe. If you do, you'll probably walk from the bus station to the dock across the street to catch a ferry to Ko Samet. But if you wanted to go to Ban Phe, or if you'll be here for a TEFL course at some point, I hope this helps.

I'm leaving Thailand tomorrow night to go back to America. I'll be in the Seattle area for about three weeks before flying to Korea where I will start working again in late August. It's been a nice three months of unemployed vagabondery, but I've got to start making money again.

Before I leave, though, I want to share the best things about Ban Phe.

My favorite guesthouse in Ban Phe is Bedrock. I like that the fan rooms are 200 baht a night now in the low season (that's about six dollars) and the restaurant has fantastic food (including the best Pad Thai in Ban Phe.) It's also got free wi-fi and they'll rent you a motorbike. The rotating selection of Old White Guys at the bar is the cherry on top.

My favorite restaurant in Ban Phe is "Naughtiness." It's actually called "S Land," but some folks refer to it as "Sunny's" after the adorable little girl who is the daughter of one of the employees (it's a family-owned thing.) Naughtiness has the best seafood curry in Ban Phe (which is saying something, since Ban Phe is famous for seafood.) They also have one of the few espresso machines in town. It's cheap and good.

My favorite massage place in Ban Phe is the place across from Christie's with the big reflexology foot diagram on the door. They don't always offer the ginger tea at the end, but they will let you take a nap indefinitely after your massage, which always ends with a satisfying "pop-pop-pop" of your back.

My favorite day-trip out of Ban Phe is Khao Chamao Park about 40 minutes away.

My favorite place to buy pretty much anything (mostly tee shirts, belts, and tasty desserts) is the night market on Mondays and Thursdays. It always has a great selection of produce, bootleg movies and clothing.

And I'm leaving. Tomorrow. Which is kind of weird.

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  1. Hey! after months of nagging your Dad, he finally sent me the link toy your blog. I suppose I could have find it myself. I have to tell you it's been a most interesting read. I'd love to see you if you're going to be in WA for awhile, you can reach me at
    360 588 6637. If not you continue on the path you found, you seem happy and that's great to know.
    xxoo, Rich