Friday, July 2, 2010

all i got is a photograph

This is what happens when I don't have a camera.

I took a bus to Surat Thani to catch the night train to Bangkok. The bus passed some truly beautiful scenery, which I yearned to capture but my camera is swimming with the fishes, figuratively, after swimming with the fishes, literally.

So I tried my hand at describing the scenery, and this is what I wrote in my little notebook (otherwise filled with to-do lists and guesthouse names.)

I couldn't take a picture of the palm tree orchards at twilight, casting perfect linear shadows on the pale green earth. They might continue forever, except when the road and the rolling of the hills meet with a subtle valley and the end of the orchard is visible.

Great fists of limestone, jutting into the orange sky! What impassioned you to stab mightily through the crust of hell, all angry knuckles and thumbs, and then to be still? To allow life, lush and dark, to creep over your hands and settle in the great crevices between your fingers? To allow to grow in the shadow of your fists a petty coconut field?

And this is what you'd have to deal with if I didn't replace my camera right away, which I did. You missed a couple of poetic scenes, actually. I highly recommend the road between Krabi and Surat Thani at sunset.

When I got to Bangkok, I went to MBK and bought myself a new camera, and took this picture on the way back. And hey I just noticed that I'm in one of the mirrors!


A thousand words, right there.

P.S. Tuk-tuk are funner than taxis.

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