Friday, July 9, 2010

hey, lady

After wandering around Angkor Wat, Autumn and I maneuvered our way past the chorus of "Laydee, you buy cold water/new dress/new scarf/fan/lunch/bracelets/etc." and visited Angkor Thom. The saleswomen are much like zombies. Slow moving, but when one sees you and moans, "Laydee..." it alerts all the others to your presence and you have a hoard of women and children trying to sell you things.

Angkor Thom is a big walled city, and home to one of the most famous temples here outside of Angkor Wat: The Bayon. The Bayon gives the general impression of a pile of rubble from a distance.


As you climb up into the temple, you notice the faces that adorn each tower. And the girls posing in window frames


and giving Eskimo kisses to ancient kings.


And then we fell in the mud!



It was tricksy mud, made to look like solid ground. We went down within the same fraction of a second, but kept going, up the steep steps of the royal palace.


And to Ta Prohm, where hula hooping happened


and America's Next Top Model posing happened.

Cambodia With Autumn 105

Cambodia With Autumn 059

A good day.

I'll write about the rest of our trip for next week.

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