Monday, July 19, 2010

living rock

After Borobudur, I visited the Hindu temple Prambanan by day. And I became a celebrity.

This is Prambanan:


The complex includes temples to different Hindu deities. I think this one was Shiva. Maybe. I should have taken notes.

This is Candi Sewu, another (Buddhist) temple near Prambanan:

In Thailand, sometimes people randomly ask to have their picture taken with me. It's always kind of weird, and I oblige. It doesn't happen very often. In my four hours or so at Borobudur and Prambanan, though, *seven* families asked to pose for pictures with me.

This is the only one where I asked them to take a picture with my camera too. One woman asked me to sit by her and asked where I was from, and then called to her family, "American! USA!" and they got all excited and this happened.

There was a little boy, but he did *not* want to go stand by the white lady.

And then there was a giant spider!

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