Wednesday, July 7, 2010

right round

I got to Ban Phe from Krabi on a Saturday, and spent the weekend on the island with Autumn and some other TEFLers. There was a big party at Sunrise Bar for someone's birthday, but before it got too busy I practiced my hula-hooping.

krabi 218

My travel hoop folds into itself to make two small circles. I took it with me on my travels after Ban Phe. I can say I've hooped in bus stations and in a mangrove forest, but I can't do most of Autumn's tricks yet.

krabi 223

Later in the evening, there was a highly organized pillow fight competition. I don't have any pictures of myself fighting, but mostly it was like this, until somebody's stool gave out.

krabi 229

The winner of the competition happened to be the boyfriend of the woman who organized it. Hmm...

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