Tuesday, May 18, 2010

whisky in the jar?

I came to Phonsavan to see the Plain of Jars, and that's exactly what I did. No one knows who built them or for what reason, but my pet theory is that giants used them to serve a ceremonial cocktail made from Lao-Lao and human blood.

Site 1 is also home to the biggest jar in the world and I had my picture taken with it. Oh, yeah.


Site 1 also has a jar with a lid! The only giant stone jar with a lid in the world.


I like to think that this one is full of cats.

Site 2 is a little smaller and more secluded, and this tree decided that it was perfectly acceptable to carry out lewd acts with stone jars as if no one was looking. For shame!


No witnesses, indeed!


And site 3 could be anywhere in the world.


But is, in fact, in Laos. Just like the other two.


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