Friday, May 14, 2010

relax and float downstream

After the caving adventure, I kayaked about 10km back to town. The scenery was beautiful.


Now Vang Vieng is something I read about before I came to Southeast Asia in the first place. I learned that it's a backpacker town, where the main entertainments are watching The Simpsons and Friends all day, or tubing down the river from bar to bar getting drunk. It sounds horrible, and I had to see it. Of course, the scenery is fabulous and it's really nice and peaceful during the day if you're sick, which I am. But after 7 or so kilometers of pristine karst topography and baby goats and people playing in the river, this cacophony swells and we go around a bend to see BARS BARS BARS! And slides and swings and holy hell so much clashing music! At one in the afternoon!


And then back to the pretty.



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