Thursday, May 13, 2010

A nocturnal vacation

First, Emily and three Israeli girls got into a songthaew with our Lao guide and drove fifteen kilometers or so through the fog and rain. Then, we walked about two kilometers to the cave.


We got into innertubes and pulled ourselves along the rope into the cave, taking great care not to bonk our heads on the low entry. In the cave, we could only see by our headlamps.



Eventually, we came to a part where the water was too shallow, so we picked up our tubes and walked, hunched to avoid the low ceiling, to the next bit where we linked up in a chain and paddled upstream with our hands through the limestone tunnel.


What happens next? Slimy, tentacled arms touching our feet? Headlamps go dark? Creepy, translucent cave creatures? A previously undetonated landmine closes off the entrance to the cave and the water level slowly rises? A flash flood fills the cave suddenly with water? One of the Israeli girls has a dark secret that she will kill to protect? We realize that one of our party is missing? There is a knife-weilding maniac hiding in the cave with us? I am, in fact, a psychotic killer? We emerge unscathed, only to find a strange skin disease that turns into something more sinister?

In practice, it just wasn't good for my cold.

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