Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rocket, man!

On Sunday I hopped on a bus to Vang Vieng.


I found myself saying, "It's only a three hour bus trip! That's nothing!" And it was. Where Ryan and I were the only falang on the cramped trip from Rayong to Nong Khai, this bus was all falang. And it actually smelled like dirty hippie. Very unpleasant. I checked into a guesthouse, and a loud shot went off across the street while the receptionist was handing me my key. We both jumped. I had arrived in Vang Vieng on Rocket Day!

I found my room and took a shower for some reason (showers in Laos are not effective unless administered just before sprawling naked under a fan and not moving for the rest of the day) and then ventured down to the base of most of the vapor trails.

I crossed this rickety bridge.


And ventured through the festival to the river.

Yeah, that's a rocket on the van.

Present Emily is very grateful to Past Emily for the purse umbrella, by the way.



The river was nice and cool, and surrounded by gumdrop mountains. I stood about knee deep, holding my rainbow polka-dot umbrella and eating an ice cream cone. Random people drifted under my umbrella's shade and thanked me for it. And there were rockets.


They're supposed to make it rain, and they worked.


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