Monday, May 3, 2010

Goodbye, blue sky

After a long week of observing TEFL students in the morning and teaching kids in the evening, I'm finished. On my last day, Lucky and Bruce invited me to their house for a wonderful vegetarian feast just for me. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

My last day was Ryan's last day too, and the staff let me take his very serious, sad, pensive picture from the "Pictures of People Who Work Here" board. I gave some thought to how to use this wonderful resource, and came up with these:


Thanks to Bert's mad security-guard skills, I was able to tape them up in the house of Ryan (and Autumn, and Bert, and Christian) as a surprise. He had found three out of eight when I went over later for a last-night-in-Ban-Phe hula hooping session with Autumn.

Today I get my last paycheck today and then it's off to Laos for a new adventure. I won't have the burden luxury of constant Internet access, so don't expect many pictures or blog entries. Kinda like last time I was an unemployed vagabond. I did schedule a couple of entries for later this week, but those are old news.

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