Monday, March 22, 2010

there's a light

I love Ban Phe. It's quiet and when I walk through town (town being a straight, two mile road along the water) I always see people I know and that makes me happy. Some people might call Ban Phe boring, but they've probably never seen this random traveling market that cropped up overnight.

Welcome to Ban Phe Municipality, indeed!


You can buy mattresses, shiny wood furniture,


or an entire rainbow of spongy cakes (there was a much greater variety the second time I visited, but I didn't take a picuture, but you can imagine: Taro! Coconut! Corn! Other Flavors as Well!)


And the most popular booth (often the only one with customers) is the Thai equivalent to a $.66 store, the ฿20 store!


I bought some knit shorts to sleep in. They have a panda on them. I did not take a picture.

And the market vanished this morning on the breeze...

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