Monday, March 1, 2010

Pattaya, Pattaya!

Friday before last, Autumn, Annie, Bec and I brought a couple of bottles of wine into our tricked-out taxi van and ventured forth to Pattaya, den of sin. In the taxi, we played truth or dare and were girls.


Pattaya's "Walking Street" is open 24 hours a day, which is different when you're used to spending time in Ban Phe. The street is full of (not bad-looking) ladyboys, prostitutes, bar girls and touts with drink and entertainment menus. We dropped our things off in a guesthouse room (one big, squishy king-sized bed is plenty for four girls) and walked out into the city.

To get to walking street, we hired a couple of motorbike taxis and rode three on each, and Bec and I both said "I want the cute one!" and then chose different drivers. Mine really was cuter. When we got to Walking Street, we got food (I had a baguette with melted cheese on it!) and walked up and down the street, admiring the sights.

This video conveys Pattaya pretty well, and has a catchy song:

There was a little bit of dancing, and we ran into two of the teachers who took the TEFL class with me and Autumn. And we went back to our big squishy bed and were in it around 4. It was a great night!


In the morning we went to a real western-style shopping mall, where I didn't buy anything (I did pay 100 baht for a 200 baht pair of flipflops out front, on account of I only had my new fancy rhinestone ones and they were slippery and causing blisters.) And then we went to a supermarket with western style foods! I got goat cheese and tomato crackers! And rolos! And some cookies that actually aren't very good. And a slice of quiche for lunch. We also saw a restaurant selling birds nest soup, but didn't have any.


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