Monday, March 15, 2010

Once upon a dream

Guess what I did this weekend. Yeah, I went to Magical Crystal Island. Stephanie came back into town and we went to the island on Friday night and stayed until Sunday. Autumn and Bert joined in the fun on Saturday with some of the TEFL students. Autumn asked "how was your night?" and I realized that even if the answer had been, "we didn't find a room so we slept on the beach and there were mosquitoes and then a dog pooped in my hair," it still would have been followed by an "It was AWESOME!"

In an effort to avoid posting the same AWESOME stuff I post whenever I go to the island, this is the first of four posts this week about interesting people I met on the island this weekend.

I watch Lost. Or I did, until I came here. I am not up on the new season. Without spoiling things for those of you who have not yet been converted, it's kind of reasonable to think that by some twist of space and time, Lost island ended up a few km out in the Gulf of Thailand. It's more reasonable once you realize that Benjamin Linus runs a burger joint there.

ko samet 033

He claims that he's never heard of the TV show, and he thought we were kidding when Autumn and I asked for his picture. The logical conclusion is that if Ko Samet isn't Lost Island, then this isn't Ben Linus. Otherwise I just hope he doesn't move the island away now that his cover is blown. I don't think I could cope.

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