Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's a girl, my lord!

This doesn't happen in the States, does it? I was walking through the parking lot to the grocery store when a truckload of Thai boys asked to have their picture taken with me. Only if they'd take one with my camera too.


(It kinda looks like I'm being felt up in this picture, but I'm not. There woulda been some smack laid down.)

I was on my way to get supplies for the amazing dinner down at the windsurf place across the street. The last time I spent time there was when they had the amazing strawberry soup. I just don't hang out there very often, mostly because of the communication barrier, but I stayed all afternoon. They have communal meals like that nearly every night, and the weekends are the largest. I helped make fried ravioli dumpling things which were good, and there was sashimi, which various people used to test their wasabi threshold. The heat from wasabi goes away so fast though compared to the heat from Thai food. It was a breeze.

There had been talk of taking a speedboat to Ko Samet, and as the night went on I wanted to test my "it'll still be a great weekend if I have to sleep on the beach and a dog poops in my hair" theory. So despite calling nine guesthouses ahead of time and finding each one full, Autumn and I trusted Bert's "you can always find a room" and landed on Sai Kaew beach at about 11:30 at night.

Thankfully, we actually found an open guesthouse. It was a ridiculous walk from the beach, and more than twice what we'd normally pay, but it beat sleeping on the beach with the dogs. And so. The act of finding and transporting ourselves to the room proved to be just enough exertion for the evening, and since we didn't check out until noon we could have just waited and taken a ferry in the morning, but... it was an adventure.

And after breakfast Sunday Autumn and I spent about four hours in the water, leaving only briefly to eat lunch. It was kind of awesome.


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