Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You eat ants?

I have a gecko. He doesn't have a name, and normally just chills behind my air conditioner. He's been very excited lately, though.

Along the main drag in Ban Phe there sits a string of stores that sell seashell curtains, dried fish, jewelry and candy. There are four or five of them, and they all sit in a row and have nearly the same selection as one another. The best thing they sell is coconut taffy. I bought a bag right before I left for Cambodia, and left it unopened in my suitcase for those three weeks and a bit after.

I finally opened the bag and ate a couple of pieces, and then made my tragic mistake and forgot about it. The taffy ended up in my box of stuff I bought for people but didn't send them.

And then there were ants. Tiny little brown ants, much smaller than even the littlest ants in the states. Not a whole highway of them, praise Buddha, but more than a few. How very strange, I thought, since I don't have any food in my room. Except... for... the taffy! There were some happy ants in that bag of taffy! I threw it away, but I don't think the other ants believed me when I told them. They're still looking for it, or seeking their fallen comrades. Or revenge.

My gecko, on the other hand, is super duper excited to be alive right now. He's been running around all over the walls. I tried to get a picture of him but I scared him and he actually fell down and ran under my bed. Since my bed is only about an inch and a half above the ground, I hope you appreciate the difficulty I had in getting this horrible photograph:


He is going to get super fat despite all this exercise. I'm glad for him.

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