Friday, January 8, 2010

Sick Again

I frequently exclaim "How Romantic!" at anything that reminds me of Romantic poets, old movies, or dead rock stars. This entry might be a bit too much information for you. I'm just so excited and amused (by the able light of morning) that I had to share the... romantic thing that happened last night.

I was sick all day yesterday, and the only thing I ate was a half serving of rice for dinner. I was a bit hungry when I went to bed, which I thought was a good sign.

I awoke in the dark. Suddenly, I was in a sweaty, feverish rush to maneuver myself to the toilet downstairs. It was a daunting task, with uneven stairs and crazed, dizzy Emily. I sat down on the throne, worried that I was finally going to lose the only food I had eaten in 24 hours. In nauseous, dizzy agony I bent my head down between my knees and tried not to vomit.


A few seconds later I opened my eyes, confused about why I was arranged in such an odd position on the bathroom floor. I slowly pieced together that I had passed out and fallen off of the toilet, like ya' do. If you're Elvis Presley. Thankfully I had not made any mess of myself, so I started the endeavor of hoisting myself back onto the toilet and eventually back upstairs to my bed.

I feel much better today, save some sore spots from toppling onto the tile floor. I had some more plain rice for breakfast. Hopefully this will be completely over before Children's Day tomorrow.

I have no related pictures. You're welcome. Instead, to reward your fortitude, here is a picture fo my favorite beach at Ko Samet, Ao Nuan:


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  1. I do hope you are back in a state of wellness quickly. Take care. Keep posting!