Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tambourines and elephants

My favorite place to go for lunch is a little restaurant at the bottom of my street that we call "Naughtiness." The name of the restaurant is written only in Thai, but the menu is translated into English and includes such dishes as "The Ham is Mischievous" and "Naughtiness" which I have never been brave enough to order, but which have caused enough amusement for me to name the restaurant after them.

As with many restaurants and bars along this part of the strip, there are little grass-roofed shelters jutting over the beach, with a fantastic view of Ko Samet.

On top of the view, I recommend the green curry with squid. Mmm, tentacles.

Last week there was also a surprise visit from an elephant, just walking through the restaurant like ya' do. I barely had my camera out in time to catch this:


I've seen a lot more elephants lately than I did when I first came here. Their handlers sell bits of sugarcane-or-something for 20b (65 cents) and you can feed them. You could also eat the sugar cane yourself and just take a picture of the elephant, as one of the most recent TEFL students did. It's probably tasty.

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