Friday, February 18, 2011

her footprints make you follow, where the sky loves the sea

Did I tell you about Fah?

Fah lives on the beach on Ko Samet, just past Jep's. She makes beautiful jewelry. And windsurfs. And has great hair.

I sat with her one afternoon and made a (very bad) bracelet and we ate fruit and talked.


Fah says that she pictures the kind of person who will wear each piece of jewelry she makes, and what kind of event they will wear it to. She has a gorgeous necklace she sees on an elegant woman in a black dress. I made a small bracelet that she says she'll try to sell for 100baht ($3) but I don't think anyone will pay that much. I asked her what sort of person she thought would pay 100baht for it, and she said "a tomboy--a girl who wears shorts and has short hair." It's a really ugly bracelet.


Then I took the ferry back to Ban Phe.

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