Thursday, February 10, 2011

going to Shanghai

For winter vacation, I went back to Thailand. I had worried about what to do with my coat and jeans (since I didn't want to carry them around Thailand, but I didn't want to be cold on the way to the airport,) but it's lucky I decided not to stow them at the airport here in Busan, because it snowed on me during the layover in Shanghai.

Because I was outside.

In Shanghai.

Which I don't think is legal.

Americans are supposed to have a $160 visa in order to get through immigration, but the Shanghai airport doesn't have a very efficient transfer process, so I went out through immigration and customs, and then back in again. In between, and with great trepidation, I went outside into the snow. I didn't, like, know of anything to see in Shanghai or how to get around or have any yuan, so it was brief but invigorating.

This is the Shanghai airport:

And this is part of an article in the English-language newspaper at the Shanghai airport. Busan had a 96-year low temperature and they shut off the water in my city! (Jangyu is a division of Gimhae.) (Luckily it was over the weekend and I was in Busan anyway.)

I'll show you the first part of my Thailand trip tomorrow :-)

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