Friday, August 13, 2010

mighty...British Columbia!

Nathan, mom and I took a ferry to Victoria, the capital of British Columbia.
Victoria 049

We arrived in the morning and went to the Royal BC Museum right away. There were stampeding mammoths!
Victoria 053

And other horrifying sights.

And Parliament!
Victoria 091
(There was a street magician down below us who drew quite a crowd and inspired my theory that the real mark of a Capable Human Being is that the subject owns a vest. I do not own a vest. Yet. I do have grand plans for vest-ownership, though.)

The next day it rained for a bit, and that happened to be a bit while we were outside, so we sought shelter in a shopping mall with a vast, steampunky clock which says "Westward the Course of Empire Goes Forth" round the bottom and shows how the sun never did set on the British Empire, back in the day.
Victoria 098

Then there was a wardrobe change, or possibly the sun set and rose again, and here we were in the rotunda of the parliament building.
Victoria 2 096

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