Monday, August 16, 2010

every weekend at the Renaissance Faire

I went to the Ren Faire.

The best fun to be had at Ren Faire isn't sweating in the hot, sunny faire in ridiculous garb or purchasing expensive silly things. It's lounging in Paisley Glen, complaining about the heat!

faire 001

I'm not quite acclimated to Washington yet, so the heat didn't bother me much. Shortly after arriving at the Faire on Saturday afternoon, I got to ride in Tyler's fancy red convertible to buy water... and another thing.

faire 008

There were cows and a mountain!
faire 015

And when we got back to Paisley Glen it was time for fancy time, so everyone fancified and went for a promenade.
faire 025
(Paisley Glen isn't quite Renaissance reenactment so much as it's Victorian Renaissance reenactor reenactment, and more than that just silliness.)

And then it was dark and the other thing I bought was an inexpensive LED hula hoop.
faire 030

Hunger happened but was quickly slain by the fabulous ramen cart (and ramen) that Stuart made.
faire 034

And that was Ren Faire. Today I'll cross the Pacific again, back to Korea.

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