Thursday, February 11, 2010

Woke up, got out of bed

I haven't updated this week because, even though it all takes place within spitting distance of the gulf of Thailand and that's very romantic, my life is pretty mundane.

Almost every morning I eat breakfast with Autumn at Sa's place down the street. I have tea (Lipton yellow label with sugar and milk) and a fruit place (a banana, and banana-sized portions of watermelon and pineapple; occasionally there is apple or papaya or something, which I'll taste and then shun) and toast. They usually have fantastic jam that's lemon or pineapple maybe... it's yellow, and it tastes like yellow. But for the last two days they've only had strawberry jam. It might be enough to make me order a pancake or egg or something tomorrow. We shall see.


Then I shower and get ready for work.

And then I go to work. Work changes. Two months ago I was doing immersion English and a couple of online classes. Now I'm not doing any of that. I'm working on curriculum stuff and test stuff and teaching Advanced Beginners.

I get off work around 8 usually. Then I have dinner and maybe visit Oliver's for a bit or watch a movie or something.

I came in early all this week so that I could leave early today and go to market. Here's Ban Phe on the way to market, just before sunset.


At the market there are curry fish cupcakes!


And then I counted twenty-five dogs between TESCO and here, which is only a kilometer. The end.

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