Monday, February 1, 2010

Sky of blue and sea of green

Almost every weekend, it's "Dear Diary: I went to Magical Crystal Island and and frolicked in turquoise water and slept in a rustic bungalow." If each time wasn't so special and magical and different, I would have nothing to write about.

This weekend I went with Autumn.

We went in a speedboat hired by the current batch of i-to-i volunteers, and we got to ride in one of those fancy motorbike sidecar taxis. Here I am in a sidecar, wearing my favorite beach uniform.


And Autumn, in hers.


There was turquoise water.


And sometimes mermaids get seaweed in their hair.


In the evening, we didn't go out dancing but played in the water while the full moon rose. It was huge and orange and fantastic. The water was warm and calm. The banana roti pancake was crispy and buttery.

Because late at night, when you're having deep conversations on the beach about boys, the best food to share is a banana chocolate roti pancake. It's fried in butter, slathered in butter and condensed milk, and kind of the best thing ever. This fella made one for us. He is from Burma.


Also, Autumn was impressed that I so quickly translated "owentin" to "ovaltine."

After our pancake and conversation we went back to our bungalow, where there was a huge toad in the bathroom. We* scooped him into the toilet-flush-bucket and dumped him outside and went to bed.

Autumn talks in her sleep.

The End.

*We is mostly Autumn. I tried first but he hopped out of the scoop before I could get him anywhere.

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