Friday, December 25, 2009

Throw your arms around the world


In preparation for Christmas Eve at Siam School, the boss asked Autumn and I to come up with some games for the children. Collecting party games is kind of an obsession so my enthusiasm made up for Autumn's lack thereof. We borrowed dresses from each other and got all pretty before we realized that we would also be in charge of keeping the children entertained/busy/away from the adults at the actual party. Oh, the children.

In gratitude to Oliver and his bar, the services of which were greatly appreciated after that party was over, we helped our lovely Annie cover the bar in tinsel garlands on Christmas morning. Afternoon, really.


Christmas in Ban Phe is not a big affair, and the three of us we were the only people at the Tawan Inn when we arrived for their fancy, delicious actual-Christmas-dinner. Oh, and I can recommend Zombieland. Happy Christmas, everybody!

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