Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh here come the gods!

There is a Dunkin Donuts right inside the door to the TESCO here. I guess sometimes the girls there say "Sawatdee ka" to people as they walk in, but they said it to me in a way that seemed to recognize that I frequently stop there on my way out. I did have a bit of a donut problem for awhile (always the chewy, chewy mochi rings) and actually after realizing how ridiculous my donut obsession was I don't find reasons to visit TESCO quite as often.

On Saturday I went with Autumn to buy a Christmas Cheer donut for someone else (I did get a donut hole for myself...) and I saw this. It's pretty much the best donut flavor in the world, and I know this without having tried it. It might also explain the red Fanta thing.


(Today's song line/blog title comes from this ridiculously bad song by Madonna... featuring Otto Von Wernherr.)

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