Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sweet Home

I live on Soi Suan Son. I try very hard not to say "Swan Song." Both sides of the street are lined with these glorious buildings. Each one begins at the bottom with a garage. Some people use them as garages, at least one is completely full of coconut shells, and some have been converted to restaurants and karaoke bars.


At my school (which is a triple-wide) the bottom floor is lobby, classrooms, kitchen and office. The second floor is classrooms, and the third and fourth are rooms for employees and students.


I live on the fourth floor. Each step is, of course, a slightly (or drastically, depending) different height than the step below it. They're wonderful buildings and most of them are empty. People say that the entire street is haunted, and you'll notice that there are no spirit houses visible on the street. I share my room with a few geckos but haven't encountered any spirits yet.

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