Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shawty fire burning on the dance floor

I got some cookies in the mail from my Grandparents today and it made me happpyyy!

But it also reminded me to tell all y'all that I'm leaving Ban Phe at the end of this month to travel around for a bit. I will come back probably before I go on to my next adventure, but... you probably shouldn't mail me anything because I may not receive it for a few months.

Anyway. Bert recently started to DJ at Sunrise Bar on the island. Here he is looking cool, as usual.


Songkran weekend was very laid-back, due to Songkran and due to the weather, so Autumn entertained us by giving hula hoop lessons.

Now Autumn has a collapsible travel hula hoop, and when I learned this I thought that it was very silly. It is a little ridiculous that someone, apparently, takes hula hooping seriously enough to make a collapsible travel hoop. Right? When I first used Autumn's hoop, though, I was converted. It's much bigger and heavier than those little things I played with as a kid. It stays up indefinitely, and Autumn can do some neat tricks with it.


And kids kinda love it.


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