Monday, November 9, 2009

Yub Nub


I found it a little amusing that the tourist brochures here in Chiang Mai are littered with claims like "non-touristic!" I signed up for Jungle Flight anyway and zipped through the forest for a few hours yesterday (I take my jungles sagging with vines and dense with snakes, thanks.)

The geography around Chiang Mai reminds me a lot of home and the Cascade foothills. Even the bus ride up through windy mountain roads with views of the valleys below was exciting (and bumpy.) Zipping was fun, and the guides were hilarious (as is proper.) The last abseil (that's where they lower you straight down on a rope) was 40 meters and probably the most thrilling part.

That was the first 20-meter abseil.

I'm leaving Chiang Mai today for a destination yet-undecided. It should be good.

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  1. Em, I've always wanted to try a zip line, what a blast. Miles and Mad will be so jealous.