Saturday, November 7, 2009

I ate a million dinners brought to me on silver trays

I've been staying busy here in Chiang Mai. I visited Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, a temple on a mountain with a 309 step climb to reach it.

The view from the top:
You can see the moat around the old city.

The temple was great, and one of the vendors at the bottom sold bananas on a stick, wrapped in waffles and drizzled in chocolate! That night I went to a touristy all-you-can-eat dinner with traditional dancing. And LAST night I had dinner at a wonderful vegetarian restaurant.

Continuing my enjoying-life-through-food approach, today I went to an all-day cooking school with the lovely Miss Elle.

After taking in the sights and smells of the market, and touring the organic farm where the class took place, I learned to make green curry paste and then make curry out of it. I also made Tom Yam soup, cashew tofu, pad thai and mango sticky rice. And then I had to eat it. My life is very hard.

Here are some pictures of food:

Tom Yam Soup:

Green curry:
I learned that those little green fruity things are actually a variety of eggplant.

Stir-fried not chicken with cashew nut in mushroom sauce:

Pad Thai:
I had to wrap it up to go to save room for...

The food of the gods: Mango Sticky Rice

If this post has made you at all hungry, please come to Thailand and eat my leftovers. Thank you.


  1. Oh glorious Thai I love you, and how you are making me fat.

    ...especially you, M.S.R. (MangoStickyRice) aka The most delicious and evil of them all ;-)

  2. Hey, nice blog. I tried to do a cooking class at Tawan Inn in Ban Phe for a week, but it kept getting postponed until I left without learning...sigh.