Saturday, October 3, 2009

Up on the roof

My room is on the second floor, and today I walked up to the top (fourth) floor of my hotel to see what there is to see. Little did I know, there is a rooftop garden and shrine above the second floor.


The bit on the right covered in tarps is a walkway to Khao San Road. I'm grateful that I'm off the road a bit here because it stays very loud very late out there.

In the afternoon I visited Banglamphu Weekend Market.


I didn't buy anything. There was lots of street food that tasted and smelled heavenly, but I had just gone to McDonalds. It sounds kind of awful to eat at McDonalds, but I went because the McThai web site lists "Corn Pie" in the dessert section and I just had to try it. This McDonalds didn't have corn pie, but I had pineapple pie which tasted like you would expect.

I didn't try this:

Wat Bowoniwet is visible from the market. Here is a picture of its chedi.


A chedi, I learned, is the bell shaped structure at a temple that usually houses a relic of the Buddha. Most Thai men spend some time as monks before they get married. It's perfectly acceptable in Thailand to be a monk for a few months and then stop. Members of the royal family usually choose to do their time at this temple.

I'm leaving Bangkok tomorrow and heading to Ban Phe to start my teacher training. I don't know how reliable the Internet will be for me there.

Oh, and I went back tonight and bought the tee shirt.

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